Kathy Jacobs








Kathy has worked in the Chamber world for over 17 years, the past nine years with the Prospect Area Chamber of Commerce as the Executive Director.  Her business degree helps her keep up with a very busy, one person, chamber office while creating multiple new events and opportunities for the PACC.  Dancing With Prospect Stars was her baby five years ago and she’s very humbled to be a part of an organization that has given back over $165,000 to deserving nonprofits in the first four years.  She always says PACC members are THE BEST!  Originally from Illinois, Kathy moved to Kentucky 20 years ago and considers the Bluegrass State home.  She and her husband, Joe, have been married for 44 years and have three grown sons, a son-in-law and hopefully a daughter-in-law soon!  Kathy is affectionately known as the “crazy goat lady” and has been involved with owning goats for over 33 years, the last 11 years breeding Myotonic Goats, widely known as “Fainting Goats”.  She entered the show world four years ago and two years into showing, one of her home bred and raised goats was selected as the 2015 National Champion Buck in the Myotonic Goat Registry.  The goat accepted the award with its head held high and Kathy was the one that almost fainted.  In addition to goats, Kathy is a huge animal lover and owns one spotted kangaroo, otherwise known as Gus, the Johnson American Bulldog, a very sweet Rottweiler, Ayla and one standoffish rescue cat.

Kathy has been involved in championing for the rights of those with disabilities for over 41 years, since her son was born with Down Syndrome.  She has testified before the Illinois Senate Education Committee, has met with numerous legislators and a governor.  Kathy has helped multiple families navigate the confusing world of educational opportunities for their children and has acted as their advocate.  Because of her passion for those with special needs, Kathy has chosen the LivLife Foundation. Young friends from her hometown in Illinois received a diagnosis of Sanfilippo Syndrome when their first daughter was still a toddler.  There is no treatment available at this time for this rare genetic disease that recently claimed 10 year old Livia’s life.

Kathy says, “Each year that we host Dancing With Prospect Stars, I’m asked multiple times if I’m going to dance.  The answer is always the same, no, I have to facilitate this event. The truth is, this is way outside my comfort level.  Sometimes we need to listen to our inner voice though and one night, after reading Livia’s eulogy written and given by her daddy, I knew I had to do this for Livia.  Her favorite activity was dancing and that’s what made the decision for me.  I’ve admired her parents’ strength, openness and faith through this journey and I know of no other way to honor Liv’s short but beautiful life than dancing outside my comfort zone and LivLife for her!”


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