I’m a proud resident of Louisville, KY, and serve as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner with a Neurosurgery group here in Louisville after having received my Doctorate at the University of Kentucky (Go Wild CATS!).  Through my education, I developed a deep passion for health and wellness. I was specifically challenged to learn how to use my degree as a nurse practitioner and my certification as a personal trainer to bring the passion for health and wellness together for the benefit of others.  In 2016, the concept of Belovist was created to combine a community of health entrepreneurs and enthusiasts with those looking to begin or expand their journey to health and wellness. Belovist offers online exercise and nutritional plans, community support and other helpful tips for those looking to improve their health and wellness  (Belovist.com).  In addition to developing a desire for health and wellness, graduate school also brought out my adventurous side!  I applied to the television show “The Amazing Race” in 2015 and made it to the final casting call. I did not make the final cut, however, because the theme I was originally cast for was changed. A year later, I got the most wonderful call asking me to apply for the 35th season of the Emmy award-winning TV reality show “Survivor”. In the spring of 2017, I along with 17 other castaways embarked on the adventure of a lifetime as we competed for 1 million dollars! In addition to enjoying every experience this life offers me, I hope to make a difference in the lives of everyone I touch by encouraging, educating, training and supporting them along the path of health and wellness.